3 Metrics to Help Measure Your Content Marketing Strategy Better

Content marketing is in demand more than ever.

Most businesses are beginning to focus on content marketing, and are even hiring external resources to help with it. However, it is important to focus on the right kind of metrics initially to make your content marketing strategy work for you.

In a quick look, we will learn about the 3 most important metrics to track when measuring the success of your content marketing strategy.

3 Metrics to Help Measure Your Content Marketing Strategy:

1. Traffic

One of the obvious metrics to track is traffic. When designing a content marketing strategy, the goal often is to generate leads, however, the process of generating these leads starts with traffic.

Generating traffic is key to bringing visibility to your content.

So, the percentage increase in traffic, and which content pieces are bringing the most traffic in is critical. This further refines and assists you in optimizing your content strategy.

2. Engagement

As part of the content strategy, there is content creation, and then there is distribution.

However, distribution without engagement is an alarming concern. Platforms like Buzzsumo and other analytical tools help you understand how your audience is responding to your content. This data helps you focus on visuals, the content type that works, and taglines that are succeeding.

3. CTA/Pageviews

Lastly, once the audience is at the top of the funnel, in an ideal situation you want to have a compelling CTA which expands the visitor’s journey and increases your page views. This helps in understanding behavior and their purchasing intent. This will further help us determine the areas that are appealing to the audience.

Content marketing strategies are designed to establish thought-leadership and generate leads. As a result, the goal is to create content that is valuable to your audience. The above metrics help in defining the direction your content is going in and how it is being received. Along with other metrics, these metrics help in developing better content overtime generating better results.

Focus on the right metrics.

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